RubyCharm – The ultimate jewellery website

When we think and speak about RubyCharm website, we refer to it as a unique jewellery website with unique capacities. It explores new possibilities and fresh approach to shopping for what is one of the oldest known way to express and define one need to be different and beautiful – natural gemstone jewellery. RubyCharm portal allows browsing and selecting crystals and gemstones, healing crystal jewelry and birthstone charms in the most original manner you can find on the internet. That is, admittedly, a challenging argument, considering the number of websites available on the net today, some with quite a lot truly interesting features. However, now when it is out in the open, we are more than willing to defend our case.

A lot we can say about the way was devised and made. As much as we would like, it is not possible to cover every extraordinary feature in only one article, so here we will focus in one in particular. As it is usual and needed, our complete offer is available by entering “Browse everything” right side menu button. There, all our pieces are available to see, use arrow buttons and filters to search according to various and unusual search information that will offer you an insight that you have come to an authentic and enchanting place.

One of such options becomes available at the very start of RubyCharm experience – on our home page. We call this possibility “The Slider.” Sliders are popular sections of site design in recent years. That term is typically referred to the section where several photos are shown, regularly apparent when you first open the site. Photos change every few seconds, allowing you to see some content usually from the marketing point of view, as it should be something appropriate to catch your eye in a second, so you want to spend more time on the site. After presenting the choice of photos, it will go back to the first one. That is it, something like a large billboard designed to show you the news. However, we made it so much more.

But, when you open our homepage, magic will happen. A large photo will appear before you. And then another. And another, and another, and…We took the usual slider option and made it into a movie, a continuing slider show. It will offer a view of more than 400 varied and compelling models of fine jewellery. Step by step, grace will unwind before you, an overwhelming catalogue of our most remarkable pieces. All you need to do is to start our homepage, sit down and enjoy the ride of your life.



There is a reason no such option is available anywhere on the internet. Some sites use YouTube clips to accomplish a similar result, but clips are not an interactive feature. With our Slider, you can navigate – stop, pause, see up-close, shop and read about any piece you like. We must admit it was technically very challenging to produce such a result. So why did we do it? Becuase we made it our mission to seek out and find new ways to show and tell about gemstone jewellery. We are committed to the beauty of natural stone and pleasure it brings to all that have learned to enjoy its unbridled elegance and wild energy. went further than any ordinary jewellery website and online shop. It is an entirely new adventure in the gemstone jewellery online business – it is a field of knowledge, a place of learning, a romantic niche, one more spiritual plain, a new StoneAge drive.

When on RubyCharm homepage, on the left side you will find a small red arrow that will start a new dialog box. It will present you with some questions that have a choice of offered answers. When you give an answer, the selection of crystal healing jewelry shown on the Slider will adjust according to you answer. If you keep giving answers, the number of displayed items will decrease until you find the one jewel for you, one that is the most fitting according to your responses.

You might doubt the results and think that is only a marketing trick. Let us reassure you. This small app we have made takes into account answers you have given and compares them with extensive information base of healing crystal properties, symbolism, spiritual and alchemist beliefs, folklore, and ancient customs. In the creation of this software, we had all our authors participate, giving their contribution.

We have used the experience of crystal healer Cloudwalker and research of all leading authorities on this subject and included information about zodiac, birthstone, material, an emotional and spiritual influence of all crystals and gemstones.

You should answer truthfully as every answer will determine the choice you see. Of course, all answers you give are entirely anonymous, they are not being recorded or filed in any way. In other words, this is all very much real.

Moreover, it is only the start. We have many ideas how to develop this and similar engines, providing more events, reports, options, designing new apps, search engines for social media, etc. Our mission is to reach an ultimate goal – to start a new StoneAge. Besides of authentic designer value and excellence of our unique jewellery, we provide symbolic and healing crystal meaning too.

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