Five things to know about gemstones (Part I)

What you always wanted to ask about  gemstones,

but you thought it as too expensive to ask


Five things to know about gemstones if you are a gemmology novice:

It is quite impossible for me to be impartial and speak about precious stones. Around those “knick-knacks” my life revolves, it is my work, and my hobby too. And everything I say is motivated by pure love for these tiny, shiny valuable things. They have personalities of their own: they can be kind or rough, persistent or tender, strong or clever…. They can be quite same as people are, and they are all, as people are, unique.

Those who seek diamond and high-end jewellery stones are in seek of perfection. Those that are more into coloured stones of various kinds seeks for a personal statement and originality. And I love to do both. This is why I am a Ruby Charm associate – they are really searching for those stones. They understand them as I do. It is not only business for them, it is a passion.

After spilling my soul at the very beginning, let me try to recuperate some of my scientific integrity, and to write this paper as it should be written – with scientific authority. But this is an article for novices so little pop science will not hurt. This is an article for people who wanted to know something about gems, and they thought it was too expensive to ask.

1. His Master the Gem – what are gems actually:

It is specifically formed and refined embellishment made of “precious and semi-precious” minerals. Speaking in a wider sense of this definition, it can also include adornments coming out of different types of rock that cannot be classified as a sole mineral, like Obsidian (On photo above Snowflake Obsidian called Tranquility of Snow Realms). In that broader sense, we have also to add more than a few different varieties of organic materials like Pearls, Amber, Corals, Shells (on photo Pearl earrings called Omen of Truth, Amber pendant Deep Forest songs – available by request – and Red Coral pendant called Unknowable Love) … or today forbidden natural ivory.

(Personal note: I am a nature lover – I like being in and with nature, and not destroying it, so I have a need to stress my disapproval of any and all breach of making new items of natural ivory. It is a horrifying custom, taking a life, ravaging piece of nature for sole human caprice and vagaries. Shedding blood of living beings just because we need to put a part of it on as a pure decoration is intolerable and direct proof of unthinkable human egotism and narcissism. Maybe somebody will be surprised by such a stance from somebody who dedicated her whole life to that same “pure decoration” trinkets, but it is quite different. Actually, it is the opposite. I try to identify with nature bringing into life its gifts, finding its beauty and spirit in small pieces that are available for us to admire. Maybe this article will help too in understanding this difference.) If you agree with this you can sign the petition following the link on the photo, or any other petition that treats this issue.

Despite what was already said, gems are mostly coming from minerals that originate from nature itself, and with few exclusions, are usually of inorganic origin.

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