The Ruby Charm ring

It is no wonder that this ring inspired the name to our business. This was first itemring silver ruby made for us, number one and first to all inventory list. And we are so proud to look at it, to feel the strength of the ruby. Ruby is a gemstone that represents resistant spirit and upraise of will, it is a symbol of new beginning, and for us it was not something we reached easily. In this energy of flame and fire we have conjured our personality. So, now awaits our fresh start, full of hopes and dreams. We trust in good spirits and favourable winds. As much as we are afraid as every living creature, this Ruby Charm recall the courage we needed and that we found within this fabulous stone. The full tale of RubyCharm is hard and winding, “full of sounds and fury” and it will be told some other time….Come and see the full beauty of The Ruby Charm.

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