About RubyCharm jewellery store

This is a blog WordPress page of an unique jewellery brand and online shop called RubyCharm. We use beautiful natural gemstones when crafting our jewelry, we understand crystal influence and energy coming from their nature. For us, design, creation, choice of gemstones, and recognition of the jewellery nature, it it all very personal! Our every piece and article is inspired by the kind of special, raw elegance which we stand for, and the unique natural beauty for which we always search. We are committed to our mission to unify energy, movement and the colours of nature in an extraordinary way. We never cease to pursue new forms and embodiments of beauty.

We stand for unique, valuable and personalised jewellery made with gemstones. Something handmade, not mass produced, something you want to bestow and receive as a gift. Something you want to own…

We search for truth in our ‎gemstones . We seek for messages that would otherwise be left unveiled, and we bequest them with ‪jewellery we make. We quote the spirits of the stone we adorn. We are the ‎voice of this new StoneAge‬ .

We feel the beauty and see the energy of every piece of stone we adorn in jewellery. We dedicated every and each moment of time to make a better jewellery finding experience as we feel that every person has its own piece of jewellery – and every jewellery and person is unique.

Rubycharm is about understanding the soul of gemstones. This is a portal to the world of beauty, the way to uniqueness. Unique tales, unique knowledge, unique experience and unique jewellery for unique people.

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