RubyCharm – The ultimate jewellery website

When we think and speak about RubyCharm website, we refer to it as a unique jewellery website with unique capacities. It explores new possibilities and fresh approach to shopping for what is one of the oldest known way to express and define one need to be different and beautiful – natural gemstone jewellery. RubyCharm portal allows… Continue reading RubyCharm – The ultimate jewellery website

Light of Agate (PART VI)

Days passed and Cupid couldn’t stay away anymore from his beloved Psyche. He had to see her, he had to feed his sorrow. So one night, he flown to the palace, but couldn’t find Psyche in her bed. Instead, he sees her in the garden where she had been waiting every night since she first… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART VI)

Light of Agate (PART V)

During that same night Cupid came down from celestial heights, armed with might arrows, to enter Psyche palace bedchamber, ready to deliver a dreadful gift of goddess Venus, the eternal damnation of unrequited love. He arrived like a thief, covered by night, as love often comes. The darkness that Venus coated palace rooms with should… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART V)

Light of Agate (PART IV)

Venus hid her eyes promptly, as even gods cannot deceive with their eyes, and not knowing how to react to such clemency, she just brazenly pressed her lips together and shook her head in disapproval, and said: – No, but your hair is all knotted and twisted by dust. Where have you been again, and… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART IV)

Light of Agate (PART III)

But the oracle just smiled gently – I don’t need roofs over my head, as I need to see the night sky before sleep comes. Nor I need warm clothes, I need to be able to feel the winter breeze so to can better understand warmth of pure hearts when I meet one. Children? I… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART III)

Light of Agate (PART II)

And Psyche grew in a girl of peculiar and divine beauty. Her father was oblivious that spring nested in her body, something that father’s seldom notice. She was still a child in his eyes, innocent and naïve, as she will remain forever. But in her reverence birds sang their songs, flowers blossomed if only touched… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART II)

Light of Agate (PART I)

This is a myth that has been transformed and it represents a creative accomplishment of the author. Although it is based on the old Roman myth, a different story will unveil here, one that unravels according to wishes of the author, and perhaps  some of the readers. It’s a story about love … He was… Continue reading Light of Agate (PART I)